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  1. I will make you a custom comic book with you as the star! All you have to do is send me some clear pictures of yourself for reference, and a description of your character and if you do not have a story idea that's Ok, I'll come up with the story idea with you as the main character and draw the whole professional comic for you. You choose the length, ranging from one page to any number of pages. I am attaching an example of my work so that you know what you are getting (here is a link to the full size picture in its proper dimensions: http://www.world-tt.com/images/cgima/img_diary/821-1.png). :) I can do it in English, French or Japanese! I can also do it in colour by request at no extra charge. It takes about 10 hours per page. Serious submissions only please. Thank you!

    From: Task Army
    - on 28/11/11 -
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