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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Driver of 2005 Dodge Caravan gets additional 75 miles to the tankful without shelling out any additional money. Chicago driver shares their experience and how other drivers can do the same. Did that opening statement make you want to read more? Great. Then you know what you can expect from an effective press release written by us. You may not be aware, but, over 90% of press releases end up in the recycle bin, whether it's electronic or physical. Why? Because people submit boring information that is not NEWS. As a freelance writer who specializes in creating effective marketing messages, I do my best to make your product, service or organization NEWS worthy. That means, I make it valuable for the readers of the journalist who would be publishing a story on your company as a result. How? 1. I send you a list of questions to answer that will outline the substance of your product or service, your competitive advantages, and your expertise. Since you are the expert in YOUR particular business, you are the ideal candidate to provide this information. 2. I do additional research on your website, as well as look at outside sources if necessary. 3. I continually ask myself the question during the writing process, "How can I make this newsworthy so it can get picked up by a local journalist?” What is it going to take for a journalist to pick up the phone and want to do a feature on my client's company as a result of this release? 4. From all the key information I collect from you, I craft a press release that is specific to your company, and no one else's. 5. I deliver a release that is specific to you. In addition to being a stand out, I draft a press release that includes: - perfect spelling - correct grammar in flawless English - relevance to your target audience - parallelism - all original content - elbow grease and creativity - approximately 300-400 words And, when I'm done, I will deliver the finished product to you in Word format, should you need to change contact information on the document. In addition, I will send along contact names - where available - of the local press writers that are specific to your industry. For example, if you are an accountant in North Carolina, I am currently looking in our database at contact names for about 12 writers and one local TV station. With the right tool and the right follow up, the chances of getting your release into the right hands will be astronomically higher than your local competition. Kindly contact us with any questions prior to placing your order; and, we'll get back to you promptly. Best regards, Glenn D.

    From: Task Army
    - on 20/1/13 -
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