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  1. add 10,000 followers per month to your Twitter account

    I'm the 3rd most followed Twitter account in Australia, behind Kevin Rudd and Shane Warne. I've got close to 300,000 followers. Now I've taken the smarts I developed for my own use and am making them available to others! Without getting into too many technical details, my system is automated and grows your account, on average, by 10,000 followers per month. Sometimes more. Note: this service runs via a script on your own PHP hosting platform (this is for your security!). If you have a website or blog hosted on a server running PHP, that should be fine. Rules: 1. Your account must be more than one month old. 2. No spammers, porn, gambling or other dodgy accounts accepted. 3. You must use a custom profile picture (not the default egg!).

    on 21/9/11 -

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