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  1. I am a soon to be M.B.A graduate in Leadership and Sustainability. I currently write content with SEO keywords for a variety of clients yet have written things as varied as travel reviews, full business proposals and bids for aid work. I speak French, English and Spanish and I am Canadian. In hiring me, you are working with someone who is reliable, dependable and has a North American work ethic. I am happy to provide my CV and letters of recommendation regarding my work. I can write content, translate, do virtual assistance or help manage and research a variety of projects.

    From: Task Army
    - on 1/5/12 -
    Virtual Assistance
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    Are you spending more than $5k per month on Google AdWords? Are you managing this yourself? We've performed audits on many AdWords accounts and most are bleeding money like you wouldn't believe. There are some very basic settings that need to be tweaked. If these are set incorrectly, you're most definitely wasting thousands. To succeed with pay per click, you need to either hire a professional or organize your account like a professional would. Give us a chance to review your account to let you know the areas in which you could improve. This is for Google AdWords Only. You must be spending Over $5k USD on AdWords monthly to qualify. We will not share any information from your account with anyone and will treat your data with the utmost respect. It will never be shared or used in any way except to help you.

    From: Task Army
    - on 8/8/12 -
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