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  1. 1. Will help you choose your premium 2nd-level domain name, procure and register it for you and install the same in an appropriate nameserver and webhosting (for FREE for the next 6 years or until our servers are still working). 2. Will install the latest Wordpress version on your domain. 3. Will create a theme or template suited to your needs and install the same to your Wordpress CMS--fully responsive themes (adaptable to any device, ipad, iphone, android). NOTE: Highly complex or sophisticated customization may incur additional charges per hour beyond the 16-hour limit. Maximum of 12 Pages. Additional charges apply per additional page beyond 12. 4. Will create or install necessary plugins of your choice or those you may provide. JQuery, Mootools and other JS Scripts are by default part of the add-ons. Sophisticated scripting/programming may incur additional charges per hour depending on level of difficulty/customization. 5. Will install necessary SEO tools on your WP CMS. 6. Will integrate the same (on client demand) with popular social networking sites like FB, Twitter and Google. 7. Simple logo design included. Sophisticated corporate identity/branding/logo will incur additional charges per hour depending on level of customization.

    From: Task Army
    - on 25/3/13 -
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