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  1. Experts generally believe that putting a video up on your site will immediately increase your website's conversion rate. That is only partially true. Yes, putting a GOOD video up will almost always improve your conversion rate AND your search engine rankings (Google LOVES video). However, a BAD video is worse than no video at all. We know this from working with dozens of clients. As such, we only create good and effective videos. For this gig you will get: - A written script of up to 140 words - A professional voiceover - A completed animated video of up to 60 seconds We have a special and proven way of writing our scripts that really entices visitors to take action. However, you are free to provide your own script (and voiceover if you wish). Your finished video can be used for a number of purposes. The most obvious is to put it on your site where it will increase the percentage of your visitors that take the action you're looking for and it will help boost your search engine rankings. At the same time, you can distribute your video through YouTube and other video hosting sites for video marketing purposes ie. gaining some extra spots on the first page of Google and getting some nice free traffic. Finally, you can use your video on social media sites. People love to share videos - especially animated videos - so you can expect some nice exposure on that front as well. How it Works Our process is very simple. First, place your order. Second, send us the particulars of your order ie. what message you'd like to convey, colours, mood, and most importantly, what action you'd like your visitors to take after watching the video. Third, we'll review your information and get back to you with any questions. Finally, we'll send you the first cut of your video. From there we will make revisions until you are 100% satisfied. That's about it. Be sure to review our sample videos to see the quality of work we provide and then place your order before we raise our prices.

    From: Task Army
    - on 17/6/13 -
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