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  1. This offer includes starting (or renewing, if you already have one) and permanently improving and optimizing your Google AdWords advertising campaign. It will include: - Investigating of your project / product / site and search activity relevant to it. - Determining the goal of advertising campaign and how it can be measured. - Selecting the most appropriate keywords, places and ads ideas. We also should review and select the most appropriate approaches from such as: advertising in Google Display Network, Remarketing, using Mobile or Rich Media or even Video Ads. Believe me, AdWords can now offer many interesting approaches, beyond the usual search engine marketing (SEM). - Setting up AdWords campaigns using AdWords Editor with different keywords and ad variations. - Adding special scripts to your HTML pages to track conversions (payments, subscriptions and so on). - Monitoring the campaign and doing necessary optimizations and adjustments. The goal is to get significant amount of visitors at low cost per visit. And in lucky case, the number of conversions might be enough to begin optimize your campaign against conversions to get more conversions at a lower cost. This offer also includes: - Setting up Google Analytics on your site and use it to measure and refine AdWord campaigns - Using the Google Website Optimizer to optimize your landing pages (if will be suitable). Usually I spend 20 hours or so per month for each customer. I will be glad implement another successful advertising campaign for you! PS. I hope you understand that this offer include only payments for work and you should pay AdWords for clicks by you self. You can begin as low as US$ 30 per day. —————— I individually qualified in Google AdWords Certification Program with specialization in Display Advertising: http://adwords.google.com/professionals/profile/ind?id=014948628292329499771 My own Agency (AKolchin.COM) also is a Google AdWords Certified Partner: http://adwords.google.com/professionals/profile/org?id=013336283932214277773

    From: Task Army
    - on 6/8/11 -
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