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  1. I can create a introductory video for a upcoming event or business or service hosted by you. I'm willing to take your ideas and suggestions in creating this video and make the best of them. Otherwise if you are out of ideas on how this video should appear, i will do it on my own and surely make you happy. Yes, i'm always available for your ideas and suggestions even after the full video is produced. You want to change something just let ma know. I want to create what you exactly want. It can be lengthy up to about 5 minutes. (Unless you want to make it boring :))I will require details you are willing to show, logos if any, pictures or video clips you want to attach to the intro video. And of course how you want to make this one appear and where will you show off this thing. (In a projection screen, Youtube or where?) I can deliver it to you with any major video format you desire. And in High Definition quality. If you are interested just let me know. Regards morning star,

    From: Task Army
    - on 7/11/12 -
    Web Marketing
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