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  1. we are a graphic design companu specialising in web design. we currently have been getting thousands of dollars from our clients to provide seo to them which we habe been paying on task army. we think now its time to partner up with somone with the right skills. you must be able to guarentee our clients first page for keywords. we require yiu to get 'web design sydney' on first page for us to prove your skills and securing plenty of jobs for the both of us. in return we will provide you your own designed page on our site, your own user name and email, 0% fees to us and we currently habe a trainned sales rep who will sell seo to all our clients at interviews. we have got plents of jobs ready and the clients have already paid. all we need now is the right guy. emal me if you think you can live up to this great offer. email on [email protected] /* */ dont talk on this. thanks andrew

    From: Task Army
    - on 6/8/11 -
    Web Development
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